6 Girl Minimum for $210, each additional girl is $35.  Party takes approximately 2 hours.  You may bring cupcakes or goodies.  We have a water cooler.
Each girl will measure and weigh the ingredients necessary to make the following full size:
Lip Gloss - Hand and Body Cream - Sugar Scrub
‚ÄčOver 100 Fragrances to choose from to customize your body cream. It's exciting to see water and oil combine to make cream!  Lip Gloss is flavored with natural honey.  Sugar Scrub stands alone with its natural scent.  The girls will fill their own containers and apply their personalized labels.  The  girls will use the scrub and then pair up to learn hand massages.
Facials are done next!  
Girls wash their faces with all natural glycerin soap and then make and apply masks utilizing honey, oatmeal, yogurt and bananas.  Then they will lean back, wearing cucumbers on their eyes, and relax to the spa music while you take advantage of this great photo op.  Party ends with refreshing hot towels and the lip gloss they made can be worn.  Girls bring their full sized personalized products home with their names on the labels.  (No need for you to get goody bags.)

Make your own healthy bath & body products from scratch at your party and you and your friends will have a memorable unique time.  Recommended for girls ages 7 and up, minimum of 6 girls and maximum of 12.

Mother Earth Birthday Parties